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Painful sex — an undeniable source of frustration during intimacy — can be the result of physical or psychological problems. Sonia Enriquez, MD, and her team at Lake Mary Gynecology take great care to provide a proper diagnosis and individualized treatment for patients who are experiencing the effects of painful sex. Patients in the area of Lake Mary, Florida, are encouraged to call or book online to find relief from painful sex.

Painful Sex Q & A

What causes painful sex?

Many women experience some form of painful sex during their life. Pain during intercourse can be caused by anything from structural problems to psychological concerns. Painful sex is defined as a persistent or recurring pain in the genitals that shows up right before, during, or after sexual intercourse. Dr. Enriquez’s treatments for painful sex focus on addressing the underlying cause while relieving its symptoms.

What are the symptoms of painful sex?

If you’re experiencing painful sex, you may feel any of the following:

  • Pain only at sexual penetration
  • Pain with each penetration (even putting in a tampon)
  • New pain during intercourse after it was formerly pain-free
  • Deep pain throughout thrusting
  • Aching or burning pain
  • Throbbing pain, lasting hours after intercourse

If you experience these symptoms, or have recurrent pain during sex, you should contact Dr. Enriquez to get a proper diagnosis and to discuss treatment options.

What causes painful sex?

The physical causes of painful sex will be different depending on if the pain occurs at entry or with deep thrusting. Emotional factors — such as anxiety, depression, stress, or other psychological problems — can also be associated with painful sex.

What is the treatment for painful sex?

Dr. Enriquez develops her treatment plans based on individual needs, and therefore she always conducts a thorough examination to discover the underlying cause of the pain. Some options for treating painful sex include medications or therapy.

If an infection or medical condition is discovered as the root source of the painful sex, treating the underlying cause with medications can often resolve the problem. This can be as simple as changing medications, some of which are known to cause lubrication problems. Or, for postmenopausal women with vaginal dryness, hormone replacement therapy has produced very positive results.

If the source of the painful sex is emotional, different types of therapy may be helpful, including desensitization therapy, counseling or sex therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Call the Lake Mary Gynecology office or book online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Enriquez for a diagnosis of what is causing your painful sex.